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Loewe klang sub5

Loewe klang sub5

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Loewe klang sub5

Subwoofer to complement the soundbar

Active wireless subwoofer for home cinema
360 watts total music power with two active 6” drivers and four passive 6” radiators
Hexagonal, point-symmetrical design to compensate for moving masses
360° design with painted stainless steel plate and special acoustic fabric
Absolutely free of vibration and oscillation
Perfect complement for Loewe klang bar3 mr and klang bar5 mr *
Loewe wirless digital audiolink technology
Lossless and latency-free wireless signal transmission.

The subwoofer: invisible power.

The round and pleasing 360° design allows to
place the wireless subwoofer almost anywhere.
Its powerful and controlled low-frequency sound
spreads evenly and non-localisable throughout
the room – without disturbing the neighbours with
structure-borne noise: Thanks to the clever design
with a precisely balanced, mirrored construction in
hexagonal arrangement, it always remains outwardly
vibration-free at peace in itself.

Elegance and perfection in every detail.

A lacquered stainless steel plate covers the top of
the subwoofer and simultaneously dampens any
interfering stimulus through its sheer mass. The
special two-yarn woven and robust acoustic fabric
creates a vivid visual plasticity. The power connection
and level control are unobtrusive located on the
bottom and rear panels. The Loewe system colour
basalt grey and the typical Loewe signature flag
round off the harmonious 360° design.

Bigger inside than outside.

The active subwoofer delivers a total music output
of 360 watts and has in total of more than 1.000 cm²
of effective membrane surface from 2 active 6-inch
drivers and 4 passive radiators. This means it can
easily play down to 35 Hertz low frequency and offers
an astonishingly impressive bass foundation in the
home cinema. The Loewe Wireless Digital Audio
Link 2.0 ensures lossless and latency-free signal

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