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Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 9000 MK3

Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 9000 MK3

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PreLoved Bang & Olufsen BeoSound 9000 MK3 - Fully Refurbished.

Multi 6-CD's & Radio.

Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Silver and Black

BeoSound 9000 makes a strong statement with your music - but leaves it up to you to decide exactly how.

Music may not be essential to life, but it's hard to live without it. That's why BeoSound 9000 makes such a big thing about bringing your music out into the open and letting you create your own personal jukebox with the music that means the most to you.

Place it vertically on a floor stand, or upright on a bookcase, lay it flat on a shelf, or hang it directly on the wall - either vertically or horizontally. It can be connected to any Bang & Olufsen Active Loudspeakers. The general concept is to connect to the floor standing BeoLab 8000 or the current BeoLab 18 or BeoLab 28 loudspeakers.

The 6-CD changer is the fastest in the world. If allowed to continue its momentum it would travel 100km/h in just 5,5 seconds... faster than a Ferrari from a stop position! It can be positioned in several different ways and the display text automatically adjusts itself to be readable. The unit too features a FM/AM tuner.

The CD returns to its original position

The discs are easily loaded and held by spring suspended jaws. Discs not in play can be replaced without interrupting the playback. The auto-positioning feature ensures that CDs are always returned to the position in which they were first placed. With the CDs visible and positioned correctly, there is easy access to the text information printed on the label. The glass-covered natural aluminium plate holds the CDs and the rails for the CD carriage, while a backlit acrylic plate illuminates the CD currently playing.

Glass cover to counteract gravity

BeoSound 9000 offers unprecedented flexibility for a product of this type, and to ensure the same uniform movement of the glass cover regardless of the placement of BeoSound 9000 vertically or horizontally, upright or flat. To counteract the effect of gravity, a digital time control constantly monitors the movement of the cover and adjusts the motor, keeping the complete movement within 3.5 and 4 seconds.

Safety first

Such an abundance of fast moving mechanics means that special measures have been taken to ensure that BeoSound 9000 is safe to operate. Small prismatic lenses are placed at each end of the aluminium frame, controlling an infrared beam across the front of BeoSound 9000. If the beam is violated, the CD clamper will stop immediately.

If the glass door is lifted while the clamper is in motion, it will decelerate immediately. A power failure feature ensures that the clamper is not damaged in a gravitational free-fall, if BeoSound 9000 is mounted vertically.

Ingenious engineering solutions and intricate mechanical movements in a product that continues to surprise and delight users today – and all this from the inspiration of old vinyl records spinning on the record player’s turntable.

BeoSound 9000 starts with the technical excellence of the CD, but moves on from its limitations. A couple of good old-fashioned mechanical virtues make a welcome comeback. You can see it work and understand how it reacts when you touch its buttons. Or you can sit back with a Beo4 remote control and browse through over 7 hours of musical pleasure.

BeoSound 9000 makes a virtue of displaying the features that so many manufacturers try to hide away" welcoming the user with open arms to use it.


BeoSound 9000 works so fast and so quietly that the change-over between two CDs seems no longer than the normal interval between tracks. Using the inaudible initial lead information on the discs, each CD can be named and memorised, and will be left in the same position as it was loaded, with its title clearly legible. Enter up to 200 titles in the memory and they'll appear on the display whenever one of those CDs is played.

The FM/AM radio has memory for up to 60 stations which can be identified by their names instead of their frequency numbers. Set the timer and wake up to your favourite programmed CD sequence or radio station.

The fine art of control of BeoSound 9000

Lift the lid on BeoSound 9000 and the extensive control panel with timer, editing and sound adjustment operations is at hand. Since the BeoSound 9000 can be placed in a great number of positions, the control panel can turn as you prefer. The display follows the same orientation, of course!

Auto Positioning

Auto-positioning was one of the challenges that Bang & Olufsen's engineers had to meet because of BeoSound 9000's clear versatility in placement. Using the inaudible initial lead information present on most compact discs, the BeoSound 9000 is able to detect and memorise a desired position for the CD.

When it's time to stop the CD, a servo system decreases the speed of rotation, the position mark is detected, and this effects the final braking and halt. A servo calculates the braking length for the CD, processes and stores the information. So the next time the CD will stop even faster, because BeoSound 9000 now knows where and when to apply the brakes. A total of 360 perforations ensure that your CD will stop precisely at the point at which you placed it in the rack.

The secret behind the precision of the movable clamper lies in two sensors which monitor its exact position and speed more than 60 times a second, and in its digitally-controlled motor, which compensates for even the slightest variation in movement.

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