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Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 3 Loudspeakers & BeoLab 2 Subwoofer Package

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 3 Loudspeakers & BeoLab 2 Subwoofer Package

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We have on offer a very special customised pair of Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 3 Loudspeakers with a beautiful BeoLab 2 Subwoofer to match. 

Inspired by an existing client with his love for a certain Italian sports car. He asked us to customise his BeoLab 3's and BeoLab 2 to match his car. 

The client and ourselves were so delighted with the outcome. A decision was made to customise an identical second pair and offer this beautiful combination to one new lucky owner. Buy with confidence - includes 6 months parts & labour guarantee (In the unlikely event of a problem, the speakers would need to be returned back to us for repair) - Buy now to get this matching one off exclusive.



This small loudspeaker was intended as the popular choice in B&O’s range of smaller loudspeakers. Its well-finished aluminium cabinet housed two drive units, a 4.5” woofer and a 0.75” tweeter, along with two passive bass radiators ("drone cones”), which functioned in a similar manner to the tuned ports of a bass-reflex system. The BeoLab 3 was an active design, using two class “D” amplifiers rated at 125W each, though what 125W channelled into a 0.75” tweeter in a domestic loudspeaker. Dispersion of the sound produced by the tweeter was performed by an acoustic lens, an imaginative alternative to simply pointing the driver towards the listener. The speaker allows people to hear the sweet spot within 180 degrees within the listening position.

Technical Specifications: (W x H x L): 135 x 215mm (223 on table support) x 162mm Weight: 2,55 kg Power consumption: IEC65: 20 W Typical: 7 W Stand-by: 0,2 W Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 94 dB (stereo, pair) Power amplifier, bass: 125 W, Class D, ICEPower Power amplifier, treble: 125 W, Class D, ICEPower


The BeoLab 2 is an active device; it contains its own power amplifier and low-pass crossover system. The flexibility of this arrangement allows the point at which the BeoLab 2 ceased to reproduce sound and “hand over” the task to the main loudspeakers in the system to be made variable. This in turn makes for easy adaptation to the other loudspeakers in the system, whichever models they may be.

BeoLab 2 uses interesting technology to overcome the fundamental drawbacks of its small size. Though only 9” in diameter, the woofer, whose cone is exposed, has a long throw and is capable of large excursions without damage. To protect the delicate cone, a flat panel is fixed across its front, which not only keeps the sensitive parts of the driver out of reach but also tidied up the overall appearance of the unit. To make best use of the energy provided by this single driver, two passive radiators are fitted, one on each side of the cabinet. Although generally a bad idea in full range loudspeakers, these devices proves ideal for a subwoofer and effectively expands the cone area of the main woofer, something that would have been lacking otherwise. The passive radiators are of the same diameter as the woofer and by mounting them on the cabinet sides a very compact assembly is realised. The cabinet itself is made of cast aluminium, not a material that usually springs to mind when discussing subwoofers but an ideal choice for producing a small, rigid assembly. The corners are pleasingly rounded, giving a neat, modern appearance.


  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level: 110 dB (stereo)
  • Power amplifier module: 1 unit Class D
  • Long-term maximum output power: 850 W
  • Effective Frequency range*: 23 - 120 Hz (upper limit determined by setup)
  • Cabinet principle: Double balanced passive radiator system
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