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Loewe klang bar i basalt grey

Loewe klang bar i basalt grey

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Connected to the Loewe bild i in an instant, the compact soundbar with front-firing drivers provides rich, clear surround sound.

Convincing sound quality with front audio driver.
Developed to the highest engineering standards in Kronach, Germany, the soundbar is as compact as it is stylish. The technically advanced, front-facing audio drivers ensure natural audio experiences and absolutely clear speech intelligibility even at low volumes.

Immediately ready to use due to simple, fast assembly.
Thanks to the two screws supplied, the Loewe klang bar i can be installed on the Loewe bild i in a matter of seconds, without any prior technical knowledge. Create a harmonious symbiosis and enjoy an excellent overall audiovisual experience.

Harmonious appearance due to unique design.
No long cables, no clunky plugs: Visually perfectly matched to the Loewe bild i, the Loewe klang bar i with its high-quality acoustic fabric, which can be found on the rear panel of the streaming TV, ensures a harmonious, uncluttered overall appearance in a stylish living ambience.
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