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Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 3 Loudspeakers

Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 3 Loudspeakers

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Greater acoustic freedom

Pre-Loved Used / Refurbished BeoLab 3 Loudspeakers - A pair of compact loudspeakers with surprisingly big sound

This beautiful loudspeaker is a minor acoustic masterpiece. With its compact dimensions, it fits in anywhere – and it has a surprisingly big sound for its size. It incorporates many of the technological features of Bang & Olufsen previous loudspeakers, including the famous top-of-the-range model BeoLab 5, which has always been met with a tremendous enthusiasm from Bang & Olufsen fans. The many ways in which BeoLab 3 can be used and positioned make it extremely flexible.

BeoLab 3 is a highly versatile loudspeaker. It can be positioned in many different ways. Using the stand and fittings supplied, you can mount the loudspeaker on the wall or put it on a shelf or in a bookcase. You can also put BeoLab 3 wherever you like on the floor on its aluminium stand, the design of which matches the rest of Bang & Olufsen’s products. Depending on their use and the décor of the room, the loudspeakers can be placed to emphasise their distinctive design or so that they blend in with the surroundings. At the same time, the complex technology that produces its surprisingly big sound makes BeoLab 3 an obvious choice when it comes to stereo loudspeakers for your music system or the front and rear loudspeakers of a surround-sound home cinema set-up.

A rather striking feature of the design is the acoustic lens on top of BeoLab 3. One advantage of the Acoustic Lens Technology* is that it permits greater freedom as regards positioning without impairing the sound quality and it also limits sound reflections from the floor and ceiling, delivering more precise reproduction. Creating such a big sound with such small loudspeakers was possible only by using a combination of Bang & Olufsen’s skills in the field of acoustics. The sides of the loudspeaker function as additional, passive speaker units and allow BeoLab 3 to move greater quantities of air (and therefore to reproduce lower notes) than would otherwise be possible in such a small, compact cabinet.


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